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Do you need Planning Permission?

You generally need to apply for planning permission for any development of land or property. However, some works do not need planning permission and are called exempted developments.

Please note that you may also require a licence for events, appliances, hoarding, scaffolding, street furnishing and signage.

What do we mean by development?

This includes building, demolition, or alterations on land or buildings, and the making of a material (i.e. significant) change of use of land or buildings.

Planning and design guidelines can be accessed below

Section 5 Declarations Issued

Under Section 5 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended), a person can seek a formal declaration from the planning authority to establish if there is a requirement for planning permission for a specific proposal. A list of Section 5 declarations issued are below. 

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Short Term Letting

Short-term letting’ is defined as ‘the use of a bedroom or bedrooms in a home as paid overnight guest accommodation for a continuous period of up to two weeks. The rules around short-term letting are based on regulations introduced in July 2019.

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