Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue

To search for a book or an item in Meath Libraries, use our Online Catalogue:

 Your new and improved online library system is ready!

New online system now availableWe have introduced a new online library system with improved functionality and a fresh look.

The new system has many improved features.

  • Logging into your library account, and managing your reserves, reading lists and contact information is much easier.
  • The catalogue is easier to use and has images and recommendations as well as themed bookshelves and links to useful resources.
  • You can now find, borrow and reserve eBooks and eAudiobooks as well as physical books in one searchable catalogue.
  • You can renew your library membership online for the first time. 
  • The new system has a new look and works great on mobile phones and tablets.

You can check it out at 

Please note: The first time you log in to the new system, you will be asked to reset your PIN. This is because your PIN is encrypted and private to you so it could not be transferred to the new system. To reset your PIN click on Forgot my PIN

Your Library Account

What is my account?

My account allows you to access your personal account details where you can:

  • see what items you currently have on reserve, if they are available to be picked up or see your current place in the reserve queue
  • see your current loans and overdue loans
  • renew your loans
  • see your current bookings
  • see your current requests
  • cancel your current reservations, bookings or requests if they are no longer needed
  • create new alert profiles and update your existing profiles
  • review, update and delete any ratings and comments you have created
  • view a history of your previous loans, reservations, bookings and requests
  • view and update your address and contact details
  • view recommended titles for you