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Building and Fire Regulations

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From Monday 13th July 2020 onwards, all applications for Fire Safety Cert ,Disability Access Cert, Regulation fire safety cert, Revised fire safety certificate, 7 day notice and Dispensation/relaxation certs can only be submitted online on the Building Control Management System (BCMS) ( )


It is strongly recommended that you fully complete your application on line by uploading the relevant documentation using your own account.


In the event that you are unable to fully complete an application online, you can submit the application documentation to your Building Control Office during the transition period. 

However the below steps must be completed before presenting to the Building Control Office:

  • Create a user account with BCMS ( )
  • Select what application type you are submitting (DAC/Fire Cert application etc)
  • Fill out application details online
  • Submit payment details
  • Accept roles  (owner/applicant /builder /designer/assigned certifier etc)


The Building Control Authority are unable to complete the application process unless the above steps have been taken and completed successfully.   Once you have completed the steps outlined above, you can submit documentation on a USB key to the Planning Office

There is a separate fee for scanning/upload any documentation received by the Building Control Office.  Please note that there could be a delay in processing your application due to staff resources within the department.


Relaxation / Dispensation of Planning Requirements

Section 4 (1) of the Building Control Act, 1990 permits a Building Control Authority to grant a Relaxation / Dispensation of, any requirement of building regulations in respect of buildings or works which are situated within the functional area of the building control authority i.e. protected structures and high intensity use.

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