Fire Safety Certification

Fire Safety Certification

Apply for a fire safety certificate

This is a certificate that certifies that a building or works comply with the Building Regulations.  

A Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) is required for all new buildings (including apartments and flats) except for private houses and agricultural buildings. It certifies that a building or works comply with Building Regulations and must be obtained before work starts.

How to apply

You can apply online at

Filling in the application form

To make a valid application, you must provide:

  • plans, calculations and specifications for the works or building (2 copies)
  • details of the nature and extent of the proposed use of the building, and the existing use if applicable (2 copies)
  • the appropriate fee based on floor area
  • Commencement Notice or 7 Day Notice before you start work
  • You may also need a Disability Access Certificate.

The fee

Details of current fees can be found at:

What happens next?

We will issue you a decision within two months. If this timeframe needs to be extended, we’ll inform you in writing.

Regularisation Certificate

A Regularisation Certificate is required where a building has been commenced or completed without a Fire Safety Certificate and where such a certificate is required. See Regularisation Certificate Form at the bottom of this page and ‘How to Apply’, above.

Revised Fire Safety Certificate

A Revised Fire Safety Certificate is required for works where an application for a Fire Safety Certificate is made:

  • before grant of planning permission,
  • if required by the subsequent permission, or
  • where significant revision is made to the design or works of a building for which a Fire Safety Certificate has already been granted

See Revised Fire Safety Certificate Application Form at the bottom of this page and ‘How to Apply’, above.


You have one month after the decision is made to appeal to An Bord Pleanála.

You can call them at 01 8588100 or 1890 275 175 (Lo-call), or email them at