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Taking Charge of Roads / Estates

Taking Charge refers to Meath County Council assuming responsibility for the upkeep of roads and services within a housing development.

The Process

The taking-in-charge process begins with a request by the developer or a majority of home owners to have the roads and services taken in charge by the Council.

The developer sends in an as-built record of the development and a CCTV survey of the drains and sewers. The Council then checks that the development meets the required standards for taking in charge.

Citizens may also request that an estate be taken in charge by way of a plebiscite (written ballot) of the majority of home owners in an estate.

Section 180 of the Planning and Development Acts taking in charge legislation

Home Owners Application

The application form must be accompanied with the signatures of the majority of the home owners (not tenants)

Developer Application

The application form must be accompanied by:

  • A drawing clearly outlining the areas to be taken in charge.
  • As constructed drawings for the entire development showing roads, footpaths, foul network, storm network, water main, public lighting etc.
  • Recent CCTV Reports and Video Files for the storm network.
  • Recent CCTV Reports and Video Files for the foul networks.
  • Copies of any wayleaves associated with the development.
  • Test certificates for water main and foul sewer networks.
  • Irish Water Completion Cert / Conformance Cert (Where a Self Lay  
  • Test certificates for the public lighting.
  • Copy of Public Lighting Design approved at planning stage with planning reference numbers.
  • RECI Certs for each Micropillar.
  • Confirmation that all planning compliance has been agreed. 

How to Check if a road has been taken in charge or obtain a Taking in Charge Certificate

If you are buying a house and need to check if the road is managed by Meath County Council (“taken in charge”), you can request a Taking in Charge Certificate, which your solicitor will usually request.

A Taking In Charge Certificate informs you whether roads and services are in charge of Meath County Council

In order to obtain a Certificate, please submit the following

  • Letter with a location map highlighting the land/property and showing the roads in question
  • A fee of €70

Requests can be e-mailed or posted to addresses below

Meath County Council,
Transportation Department,
Buvinda House,
Dublin Road,
Co. Meath
C15 Y291