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Voting in Meath

Meath is divided into areas for the purpose of elections and voting. Where you are registered will determine where you cast your vote and who you may vote for.

These divisions or boundaries are different for Dáil or general elections and referenda than they are for local elections where a greater number of candidates are elected. They are determined at Ministerial level. The locations at which you may vote (polling stations) in each district are appointed through a polling scheme which is approved at Council level.

For leaflets in various languages on how Members of Local Authorities are elected, visit the Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government website.

Dáil Constituencies

Dáil Constituencies are used for General elections where representatives are elected to the Dáil or national government.The constituency you are registered in will affect where you vote and who you may vote for.

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Polling Schemes

A polling Scheme divides the county into Electoral Areas, Electoral Divisions, Polling Districts and Townlands for the purposes of Dáil elections and local elections and appoints a polling place for each polling district.

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