My Tax Disc Didn't Arrive

My Tax Disc Didn't Arrive

What to do if you have taxed your vehicle but your vehicle licence (tax disc) has not arrived.

If you taxed your vehicle online and your vehicle licence (tax disc) has not arrived you should contact the Department of Transport, in the first instance, Tel: 0818 411 412 or e-mail

If you sent your motor taxation application to the Meath Motor Taxation office, via post, and your vehicle licence (tax disc) has not arrived please contact us at 046 9097000 or e-mail

If it is ascertained that your vehicle licence (tax disc) application was processed and posted and you did not receive it, you can seek a replacement vehicle licence (tax disc) by completing form RF134 – available at 

Please note that this form must be signed and stamped by a member of An Garda Síochána. This form should then be presented at the office of Meath Motor Tax for processing.

If the completed form RF134 is received within 1 month of the date of issue of the original vehicle licence, there will be no charge levied for the replacement vehicle licence.

However applications received outside of this time frame will be levied the current vehicle licence replacement fee of €6.00.