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Finance and Procurement

Details of budgets, payments, annual financial reports and public spending code quality assurance reports

Annual Budget

The revenue budget deals with the day to day expenditure of maintaining and providing services throughout the county.‌

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays an independent role in advising the Council on financial reporting processes, internal control, risk management and audit matters as part of a systematic review of the control environment and governance arrangements of the local authority.

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Capital Programme

The Capital Programme sets out the proposed major infrastructural projects to be undertaken over a 3 year rolling programme. 

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We ensure that our procurement is compliant and the approach we take is consistent with relevant European and national legislation.

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Public Spending Code Quality Assurance Reports

The Annual Quality Assurance Report reflects Meath County Council’s assessment of compliance with the Public Spending Code. It is based on the best financial, organisational and performance related information available across the various areas of responsibility.

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