Capital Programme

Capital Programme

The Capital Programme sets out the proposed major infrastructural projects to be undertaken over a 3 year rolling programme. 

Capital funding is used to provide infrastructural projects in Meath under the headings of:

  • Housing and Building;
  • Road Transportation and Safety;
  • Development Incentives and Controls;
  • Environmental Services,
  • Recreation and Amenity; and
  • Miscellaneous Services.

As the nature of the work is to provide infrastructure, the timing of delivery of projects is affected by any tendering process and/or planning process required.

In April 2019, the Capital Programme 2019-2021 was presented to and noted by the Councillors.  The Capital Programme 2019 – 2021 has an estimated capital spend of €454m.

The projects set out in the programme are prioritised on the basis of the following:

  • Priority to capital work on Council assets.
  • Priority will be given to projects of strategic importance to Meath.
  • Emphasis on projects where external funding sources can be leveraged.
  • Focus on projects giving rise to job creation.

Projects will only be allowed to commence once a business case has been made and funding has been identified. Sources of funding for the Capital Budget are: Exchequer funding/grants; Loans; Development levies; and the Council’s own resources.

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