Commencement and 7 Days Notice

Commencement and 7 Days Notice

A commencement notice is required to give notice to Building Control Authorities of development works before they begin

You need a commencement notice if you are:

  • Constructing a building
  • Making a Material alteration to a building
  • Extending a building
  • Materially changing the use of a building
  • Carrying out any works in connection with the material alteration of a shop, office or industrial building

The Building Control Authority must be notified between 14 and 28 days before you start construction on site, and it must be accompanied by the correct fee. The current fee for a commencement notice is €30 per building

Apply for a Commencement Notice

To apply for a Commencement Notice each party (owner, designer, builder and assigned certifier) to the notice must first register with the Building Control Management System (BCMS).

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations SI 9 of 2014 recommends that the BCMS site hosted at is used as the preferred means of building control administration.

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