Crafts for Kids

Crafts for Kids

Great crafts that you can make at home using material from around the house.  If you are inspired to make something by the crafts blow then we would love to see your creations. Send us a picture on our Facebook page or email to or Upload your picture on our Gallery Page


Science Week Ocean Themed Craft

Paper Plate Mr Fox

You will need scissors, Pritt stick, orange crayons/markers/paint, googly eyes (optional)

  • Colour/paint the plate orange
  • Cut the plate in half.  Use one half to make the body of the fox and use the other half to cut out the head, tail etc.
  • Cut out a triangle shape for the head
  • Cut the tail, ears and legs as in the picture
  • Use the pritt stick to attach head, legs, tail and ears
  • Draw in the eyes and nose or stick on googly eyes if you have them.

Please send us in pictures of your finished fox to show us how crafty you are!!

Paper Plate Fish

Paper Plate Fish


You will need:

A coloured paper plate (or a white paper plate that you can paint to suit your taste)

Glue stick or PVA

Tissue paper for the scales

White paper to make teeth if you wish.

Any other decorations you would like to put on your fish, glitter, paint, coloured pencils, markers etc.

Step 1: Cut out a triangular piece from the paper plate to make a mouth.

Step 2: Attach the piece that was cut out to make a tail (or a fin). You can use glue or tape to secure it.

Step 3: Then add the fish eye and scales, maybe even teeth! Or any other decorations you would like.

Step 4: Send us some pictures of your finished art. You can email a photo to: or upload a picture on our Summer Stars Gallery page.

Summertime Flower and Ice Pop Bookmarks

These colourful bookmarks are really easy to make.  Just follow the steps below and remember to send us pictures of your finished bookmark. 

BookmarkYou will need

Coloured card 

Buttons, pom poms and foam dots for decoration

PVA glue

And your imagination!


Step 1 : Cut the coloured card into a flower or ice pop shape.

Step 2: Stick your shape on to the ice pop stick using the PVA glue.

Step 3: Decorate with the buttons, pom poms and foam dots. 

Step 4: Use your new bookmark to mark your favourite Summer reads!

Flower and Ice Pop Shapes for Bookmark
Pom poms sticks and buttons for bookmark decoration
Decorated bookmarks

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon

This is an easy colourful craft to do.  If you don't have paper plates you could always cut out circles of cardboard from old cereal boxes. 

Paepr Plate BalloonYou will need:

2 papers plates, paper cup, markers/colouring pencils/crayons, tape, string/cord, scissors/hole punch, stapler.

What to do:

Step 1 : Colour the 2 paper plates and tie 2 pieces of cord to the sides of the cup

Step 2: Tape the cord to the inside of one of the plates

Step 3. Staple the 2 plates together to finish off the balloon.

Step 4: Punch a hole in the top of the balloon so you can hang it up with some cord. 

Step 1
Step 2 Balloon Craft
Paper Balloon Step 3
Step 4 Balloon Craft

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

These bird feeders are easy to make but also very functional to help out our feathered friends.

Items Needed for Milk Carton Bird Feeder You will need

  •  an empty milk carton
  •  markers
  •  string
  •  scissors 
  •  some twigs/small branches
  •  bird seed

What to do

Make 2 holes at the top of the milk carton for the string to go through.

Cut out the centre section.

Make 2 holes on either side of the carton at the bottom for the stick to go through.

Decorate the carton using markers.

Put the string through the holes at the top and secure it.

Put the stick through the holes at the bottom as a perch for the birds.

Hang the feeder from a branch and fill with seeds for the birds.

Bird Feeder Part 1
Bird Feeder Step 2
Bird Feeder Step 3

Cereal Box Aquarium

Cereal Box Aquarium

You will need

An empty cereal box, paint, scissors, string, pipe cleaners, glue, coloured paper, 

What to do:

Step 1 : Cut a hole in one side of the cereal box leaving a half inch frame around the edge.

Step 2: Paint the box or cover it with paper. Paint the inside of the box blue or stick on some blue paper. 

Step 3: Scrunch up some brown paper and stick it to the back and bottom of the box to add a sand effect.

Step 4: Cut out some fish shapes from the coloured paper and decorate it them with sequins, tin foil or glitter.  Stick on googly eyes or draw your own and glue them on.

Step 5: Cut out some grass strips from green paper (or colour in your own) and pipe cleaners.  Stick the grass to the bottom of the box on the sand.

Step 6: Stick some of the fish on the blue background and hang the rest with the thread.

Step 7: Display with pride.



Aquarium 1
Aquarium 2
Aquarium 3
Aquarium 4
Aquarium 5
Aquarium 6

Toilet Roll Monsters

These monsters can be cute or scary - it's up to you. You can make the decorations as crazy as you like.



You will need

An empty toilet roll holder, paint, pipe cleaners, glue or pritt stick, a pencil and some coloured paper.

What to do

Paint the empty roll.

For the hair and arms you can curl a pipe cleaner around a pencil.  Another way to make hair is to use a strip of paper and cut a fringe into one side of it and stick it on to the top of the roll.  

To make ears fold down the top of the roll. Cut out crazy shapes to make features for your monster and stick them on using the glue.  Use the pictures above for inspiration or create your own quirky features.

Monsters Step 1
Step 1
Paint the Rolls in a colour of your choice
Step 2
Monster Craft 3
Step 3

Mosaic Art


Mosaic Art

This mosaic rainbow art is easy to do and looks great when finished. 

Just follow the steps below to make your own mosaic art.

If you #getcreativeathome and make some we would love to see photos of your finished mosaics.

Mosaic Art 1

You will need

coloured paper or used magazines.

(Or let your imagination run wild and use tin foil, pompoms or wool.)

a marker 



cotton wool.  

Mosaic Art 2

Draw your design on paper with marker.  

Mosaic Art 3

Cut your paper into small square pieces

Stick the squares on to your design to create the mosaic effect.

Mosaic Art 4

Stick the cotton wool onto the clouds to make them nice and fluffy.

Colour in the background or add in a sun if you like.

Hey presto you have a lovely piece of mosaic art to brighten up your room. 

Salt Dough Eggs


Salt Dough Eggs on Easter Tree

These salt dough eggs are perfect for Easter time but you could make any shapes from the dough using the same techniques. 

Why not try making your own animals, fish, stars, flowers - the possibilities are endless.

Dough Mix Recipe

You will need

1 cup plain flour

half a cup of salt

half a cup of water

Mix together the flour and the salt in a bowl.  Add in the water slowly until the dough is easy to handle.

Knead it until it is smooth.

Salt Dough Part 3

Roll the dough out to about .

Draw an egg shape on cardboard and cut it out. 

Use the cardboard egg as a template to cut eggs out of the dough.

Salt Dough Eggs on Baking Tray

Place the eggs on a baking sheet.

Use a straw to make a hole for hanging at the top of each egg 

Bake in the oven at 120 degrees for 3 hours

Turn once during baking.

Salt dough eggs on an Easter Tree

Let the eggs cool.

Paint or colour them with marker.

Use a ribbon or a piece of string to hang them with.


CD Fish

These CD fish are easy to make and are really eye-catching.  You can hang them in a window or from the ceiling to decorate your room.  

CD Fish Craft

You will need

Old CDs, coloured paper or card, glue (pritt stick is fine), some thread for hanging, 3 pegs, scissors


CD Fish

Cut out fin shapes from the coloured paper.

Cut out some eyes and a mouth.You can use googly eyes if you have them.  If not you can just draw your own.

Fold a rectangular piece of card like a fan.

CD Fish

Glue the fins and mouth on to one of the CDs.  You could also use double sided sticky tape for this.

Make sure to glue the fins on the side of the CD that has the writing on it.

CD Fish Craft

Glue the other CD on top of the first one (writing side face down) and secure it with pegs.

Wait for the glue to dry before you take the pegs off. 

CD Fish Craft

Stick on the eyes.

Push the piece of rectangular paper that you folded into a fan shape through the hole in the middle of the CDs. 

Push some thread through the hole to use for hanging up your CD Fish.

CD Fish Craft

You can decorate the fish in lots of different ways. 

Use paper to make scales or spots and stick them on.