Meath Economic Development Strategy

Meath Economic Development Strategy

Accelerating the economic transformation, revitalisation and sustainable development of County Meath


Economic Development Strategy Roadmap

Economic Development Strategy

The Meath Economic Development Strategy is informed by a hierarchy of international, national, and regional strategies.

Internationally, the EU Regional Aid Map 2022-2027 provides information on the different types of aid available in different regions of the country and promotes investment and job creation in these areas.  Meath’s Roadmap is informed by this policy, with a particular focus on stimulating FDI to the county.

At a national level, economic policy is outlined in the National Development Plan 2021–2030 (NDP), the current framework of the overarching Project Ireland 2040.  Meath’s Roadmap is in accordance with the NDP guidelines focusing on investment to generate economic growth and job creation as well as a transition towards a sustainable and innovative Green Economy.

The Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Eastern and Midland Region 2019-2031 provides spatial, climate action, and metropolitan strategies but more relevantly it outlines an economic strategy and investment framework for the Eastern and Midland region.  It revolves around the concepts of smart specialisation, clustering, placemaking, orderly growth, and future proofing.  These focus areas informed the actions employed in Meath’s Roadmap.

Economic Policy is embedded in the Meath County Development Plan (CDP) 2021-2027 and the Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2023-2029.  The CDP focuses on the objectives, policies, and proposals for the development of land use in the county.  The LECP provides a framework to improve the quality of life of residents and ensure the provision of joined up and accessible community services and continued economic growth.  Meath’s Roadmap aligns with these policies to ensure the future economic success of the county.


Policy Context