GoRemote - Remote Working Initiative

GoRemote - Remote Working Initiative

We want you to cut the commute, beat working alone and improve your quality of life. Enjoy up to three days at one of Meath’s Connected Hubs until 25th May 2024.

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Never worked in a remote working hub? Register to get a free trial day in one of Meath’s remote working hubs and to be kept informed on progress in hubs across the County. 

Registering for a free trial will provide you with a booking link for the hub of your choice. You can book up to three (3) days up until 25th May 2024.

To book your free day at one of Meath’s six Digital Hubs complete this form.

Success Stories

If you can't view the video below, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTKaTN14JrQ 

If you can't view the video below visit https://youtu.be/j7MfcVmLzwU 

If you can't view the video below visit https://youtu.be/RWH4nWELQ1U

Meath Remote Working Hubs 

Across the County, remote working hubs can provide the opportunity for workers to reduce their commute and find a welcoming space to meet other remote workers from a variety of industries. Hubs can provide that office like environment, saving workers from loneliness, the costs of travel and home heating. Meath’s Hubs can also help employers outsource the usual worries of opening in a new location, allows you to expand your business and recruit staff without needing to move offices or increase the floor space. 

Interested in remote working in a Remote Working Hub near you? Contact your nearest hub - simply click on your preferred hub below, or on the map below, and click on the arrow which will show their contact details.