Waste Electrical/ Electronic Equipment/ Batteries

Waste Electrical/ Electronic Equipment/ Batteries

Under the WEEE regulations retailers are obliged to:

  • Register with their local authority.
  • Provide free in-store take back of household WEEE & Batteries on a one-for-one basis on the sale of a new like product.
  • Ensure that any WEEE & Batteries collected is delivered to an approved collection facility.
  • Ensure that the storage and transport of WEEE & Batteries collected as above meets the requirements of the Regulations.
  • Ensure that private households are informed of the WEEE & Batteries take back facilities available to them and that they are encouraged to participate in the separate collections of WEEE & Batteries.

To register, please complete the form below and send it with a cheque / postal order for €20.00 to:

Environment Section
Meath County Council
County Hall
Railway Street
County Meath

File Upload
WEEE Registration Form (PDF, 52.23 kb)
WEEE and the Retailer (PDF, 238.79 kb)
WEEE Signage (PDF, 11.72 kb)
Battery Signage (PDF, 12.00 kb)