Dunboyne Profile

Dunboyne Profile

Whatever your business...make it Dunboyne

Dunboyne Statistics - travel time to airport 20 mins, to port 34 mins, 3 local industrial estates, 10 minutes to 3rd level institute

Dunboyne / Clonee can provide the location, the people, the skills, the languages and the services that can offer you an excellent place for your business.

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The Dunboyne/Clonee area is a bustling, vibrant and rapidly growing district in South Meath. Located on one of the principal arterial motorways to the capital, situated at junction 4 on the M3, Dunboyne links to the M50 in just 11 minutes and at 19 minutes to Dublin Airport.

Dunboyne is just 6 miles from major centres of population in Dublin city. As a traditional county town, Dunboyne has a scenic town square together with fine streetscapes.

The Dunboyne/Clonee area has grown over the past number of years with a current population of almost 9,500, with 260,000 people within a 15 minutes radius of this area. It also has a significant population of almost 1.6 million from a catchment area within a 45 minute drive.


Alltech Ireland

“Alltech European Bioscience Centre was established in 1999 in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. Alltech Ireland was the first office outside of the United States and the Bioscience Centre was the second of  Alltech’s three bioscience centres located around the globe. Meath was an ideal choice for the site of the new European hub because of its proximity to Dublin airport, Dublin city and many national universities.

The facility, opened on a 120 acre site, has been a major centre for Alltech’s European operations from its inception, and has continued to grow to meet the needs of the region.

The facility is located near many of Ireland’s internationally renowned universities with which the company has strong ties. This has ensured a steady flow of expertly qualified graduates into the centre”

Kepak Group

 “We believe that the site is excellently located for a number of reasons;

  • The road infrastructure around Clonee is second to none with excellent access to all of the major road networks, enabling efficient distribution to domestic and international customers.

  • Access    to a large pool of skills

  • Proximity to Dublin Airport, which facilitates a large number of customer visits and employee travel

Proximity to Dublin City centre”

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Make it Dunboyne Clonee

Available Properties

The Dunboyne/Clonee area hosts three business enterprise zones with a full range of utilities and high quality landscape environments to suit all sizes of operation from small/medium to large scale facilities. 

Languages & Skills

In a global economy, companies operate on a trans-national basis need fluent multilingual staff. We have a wide range of nationalities living locally with 37 languages spoken as a mother tongue which offers an enviable language skill set to support a global business operating from Dunboyne/Clonee. For details of these figures please refer to the brochure below.


The area offers its residents with a wide mix of things to do from live entertainment to festivals, heritage trails and historic sites.

Leisure and Entertainment

Dunboyne has a public Library which offers an excellent facility at the heart of the town containing both adults and children’s sections. They offer a wide range of activities such as Children’s Book Club and story time hours, Adult’s Book Club and Surfing for senior citizens.

The National Aquatic Centre with exciting attractions for families, Rathbeggan Lakes, an activity centre with a fishing facility and the Phoenix Park which offers one of the largest planned city parks in Europe, including the famous Dublin Zoo are all located on the environs of the Dunboyne / Clonee area.


The area has in excess of 16 sports clubs catering for all ages, from children to adult.

Music, Festivals and Events

Large events which have been held in the area include The Irish Grand National Horse Racing at Fairyhouse, Ratoath, The Irish Festival of Speed hosted by Dunboyne Motor Club, the 2012 and 2013 opening stage of the national cycling race, An Post Rás held in Dunboyne town centre and much more.


Dunboyne is close to the Boyne Valley, an area of outstanding beauty and history with many famous and important historical locations such as the Hill of Tara, Newgrange, Oldbridge House, Trim Castle and Kells.


Dunboyne/Clonee has a wide variety of excellent housing choices to suit your lifestyle preferences. Whether you prefer the buzz of the town life or the quiet calm of a rural setting, Dunboyne/Clonee has plenty of options for you from large detached family homes and semi detached houses to bungalows or apartments.

Dunboyne/Clonee can offer you and your family a great lifestyle as well as a great location for your business.

Favourable Tax Regime - Corporate Tax Rate 12.5%

Ireland has one of the lowest Statutory Corporate Tax Rates in the world at 12.5%. Companies that choose Ireland as their European or International Database have been able to maximise the favourable tax regime to achieve a high rate of return on their investment 

Find out more about Ireland's Favourable Tax Regime.

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