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Meath is close to Dublin Airport and Dublin Port with a typical commuting time to the airport of 30 minutes, and benefits from a transport network that allows fast and easy access not only to Dublin and Belfast, but to the rest of the country, the airport and the major ports.
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Meath has access to well-educated people who are flexible and innovative. Meath is accessible, with an international airport and a motorway on its doorstep, and has a great quality of life. Discover other reasons Meath has been an ideal choice for national and international companies.
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Business Locations Corporate Tax
Meath can offer your business a wide range of business locations from Business Parks to Industrial Estates, all with the necessary services to support your business.
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Ireland has a competitive Corporate Tax Rate of 12.5% and has 60 double taxation agreements with other countries.
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The profile and diversity of Meath’s population growth ensures the availability of a wide range of qualifications, skills and experience to satisfy the needs of any business. The close proximity of Meath to Dublin also allows a business locating in Meath to access the city’s labour pool.
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Meath is the perfect location for your business and family. Meath offers a range of options when it comes to choosing a place to live - a wide variety of open spaces and things to do including our family friendly beaches, angling on the River Boyne, heritage and forest walks and cycle trails.
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Whatever your business….the Economic & Enterprise Team at Meath County Council is here to help. 

The Economic Development Team offer a professional service in a range of complementary areas aimed at facilitating and encouraging business investment in County Meath.