Waste Management/ Facility Permits

Waste Management/ Facility Permits

Meath County Council grants waste management licences for privately operated waste facilities operating in Meath. Waste Management Licences are issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

The Waste Management Acts 1996-2008 requires that any facility which is involved in the recovery or disposal of waste shall hold a

  • Licence, Permit or Certificate of Registration depending on the nature of the activity.

Waste Management Licences are issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) while Waste Facility Permits and CoRs are granted by Local Authorities for privately-operated waste facilities.

Waste Management Permits and Certificates of Registration are governed by the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations 2007 and the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2008.

These new Regulations came into force on the lst June 2008.

Examples of activities which require Waste Management Facility permits or CoR's include:

  • Land reclamation
  •  Car dismantling
  • Composting centres
  • Recycling of Construction
  • Demolition waste
  • Recycling of vegetable and cooking oils.

A Waste Management Permit or Certificate of Registration is granted for a period of 5 years.   


Application for a Waste Facility Permit - Class 5, 6 and 7  - €2,000.  All other activities €1,000.

Application for Certificate of Registration - Classes 5, 6, 7 and 10 - €600.  All other activities €300.  

Meath County Council charge monitoring fees which are invoiced annually and updated in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.

The applicant must also submit a Bond, the amount of which will be specified in the conditions of the Waste Permit.  The Bond is redundable when the permit expires if all works have been carried out to the satisfaction of Meath County Council.

Pre-Application Meetings

Pre-Application Clinics are held on Thursday from 2pm to 5pm, however prior booking is essential.

If you wish to attend this clinic, please contact the Environment & Water Services Section at 046/9097200 or email environment@meathcoco.ie

Waste Management Permit Guidance Notes:


Apply for a Waste Facility Permit