Signage, Scaffolding and Hoarding

Signage, Scaffolding and Hoarding

Licences for signage to Business Premises, Tourist Attractions & Facilities, Community Text Alert signage, scaffolding, hoarding on public roads.

Local Events Signage

In October 2015, Meath County Council adopted a Temporary / Event Signage Policy as part of the Litter Management Plan

  • Under this policy all charitable and sporting organisations who wish to use signage to promote an event are obliged to apply to Meath County Council Environment Section for permission.
  • Signs cannot be erected in middle of towns, can only be on roads into and out of towns.
  • Signs can only go up 3 wks before and must be down 3 days after. 
  • There is no application fee but Litter fines will issue if no permission has been given or signage is outside permitted dates.
  • Signs cannot hinder visibility of road users and cannot be glued or stuck to any other structure.

Commercial Signage

Commercial signage on roadside is not allowed and is an offence under S19 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 and will be subject to prosecution.  Anyone wishing to advertise their business should do so by traditional media methods, and/or use social media. 

Directional / Fingerpost Signage, Street Furnishing and Street Removable Signage Licences

A business wishing to apply for Directional/ Fingerpost Signage should contact their local Municipal District.  Similarly any business requiring use of Street Furnishing Licences, including Street removable signage needs to contact their local Municipal District.

Signs / Advertisements on roadside behind walls

Signs / Advertisements on roadside behind walls is a matter for the Planning Department, as is permanent signage on lands, e.g. a large hoarding that becomes a structure on a site / change of shop name to front of a shop.  Any such signage erected without permission may be subject to prosecution by the Planning Department.

How to Apply

Applications are under Section 254 of the Planning & Development Act, 2000.
Please fill out the relevant forms below and return by post or email.

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