Meath Film Commission

Meath Film Commission

Meath provides an ideal location and wide range of settings for film

Why Film in Ireland?

  • Spectacular and accessible locations, technical support and thriving economy
  • Extensive Film and Television tax incentives
  • Ireland as an EU base for the various European film funding incentives-Pro-active logistical support from central and local government
  • Outstanding track record in film-making

Why Film in Meath?

  • Ideal for shots that require an element of Irish Heritage or any of the County monuments eg. Trim Castle, Bective Abbey, Lough crew etc.
  • Superb choice of rural settings etc. e.g. Summerhill.
  • Provides excellent agricultural/rural backdrop
  • Old Style Irish/English village architectural type settings for old style dramas eg. Moynalty, Ballinlough, Oldcastle, Dunboyne, Ratoath.
  • Proximity to Dublin airport and Dublin City centre
  •  parts of Meath are within the 14-mile union Zone.
  • Database of useful contacts for props.-Database of festival dates and co-ordinators operating in the county for possible fairday backdrops


The ranges of incentives available for film and television in Ireland are outstanding. The Irish Film Board assist with every aspect of film/television production and distribution and you can visit the Irish Film Board's website at

Read more here about Tax Incentives here: Press release from the Irish Film Board 8th December 2008