Carranstown Community Grant Scheme

Carranstown Community Grant Scheme

This grant is available to community groups for environmental improvement and recreational / community facility projects in the vicinity of the Carranstown waste management facility.

The scheme is now closed.

Areas which qualify for the Grant Scheme?

The area that Carranstown Grant Scheme applies to is marked in red in the map below.  Grants are allocated at the discretion of the Liaison Committee.

What is the grant for?

1. Amenity / Environmental Projects in public open spaces:

The scheme gives grants to community groups engaged in environmental activities in public open areas and may include:

  • Tree / shrub planting
  • Public area enhancement
  • Hanging baskets / window boxes
  • Installation of seats / picnic tables
  • Name stones/welcome signs
  • Purchase of gardening equipment etc.
  • Creation of wildlife areas
  • Heritage / restoration projects
  • Environmental Protection

2. Community Grants

The scheme gives grants to community groups engaged in community and recreational activities and projects. There must be a community gain element to these projects.

They may include:

  • Upgrading / general maintenance of community facilities that are owned or leased on a long term basis to the community
  • Community games, events and festivals
  • Local community owned newsletter / publications
  • Social Inclusion Projects benefiting the community
  • Sports Projects
  • Community run Youth Projects
  • Technical Assistance
  • Equipment for community use excluding personal equipment.
  • Preparation of development and action plans for local groups, local research, feasibility studies and training.

Matching funds: Applications will be considered from groups who require matching funds (funds that are set to be paid in equal amount to funds available from other sources) to access national funding schemes such as the Sports Capital Programme.

The following groups can apply for the grant:

  • Community Groups
  • Residents Associations
  • Community Youth Group
  • Tidy Towns Committee
  • Charities working with community groups
  • Sporting Organisations
  • Schools Parents Associations – Extra Curricular Community Activities only

How to Apply

Please note the scheme is closed.

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