Remediation of Domestic Lead Piping

Remediation of Domestic Lead Piping

Grant to assist with the replacement of historic lead piping

What is a Remediation of Domestic Lead Piping Grant?

Lead piping was commonly used in the construction of houses up to and including the 1970's. Prolonged exposure to lead can have a negative impact on health.

In an effort to reduce this risk a means-tested grant is available to assist with the replacement of lead piping and fittings within the internal distribution system of affected homes.  

Am I Eligible for a Grant?

You may be eligible for the grant if the premises you are applying for is your principle private residence and you:

  • have received notification from a water supplier advising that there is likely to be lead plumbing (pipes and fittings) within the land immediately surrounding your property. 


  • hold a certificate issued within the six months immediately prior to the date of application by a laboratory with accreditation for testing for lead in drinking water.  
    - The certificate must show a parametric value for lead in the water supply at the premises which exceeds the statutory limit, currently 10μg/l(10micrograms per litre). 
    - The issuing laboratory must be accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB). 

How much of a grant is available?

  • The level of grant aid available is determined on the basis of gross household income.
  • Works do not qualify where the approved cost is less than €200.

How do I apply for the Grant? 

Complete the grant form below and submit the fully completed form and supporting documentation to:
Meath County Council,
Water Services Section,
County Hall,
Co. Meath

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