Information Leaflets

Information Leaflets

Access to a wide range of information leaflets relating to voting.

A Guide to Ireland's Voting System

Information leaflet - Ireland's Voting System - Proportional Representation Single Transferable Vote

The Register of Electors (multiple languages)

Information Leaflet on the Register of Electors in Ireland in various languages

How Members of Local Authorities are Elected

Information leaflet on How member of Local Authorities are elected

How the Dáil is Elected

Information leaflet on how the Dáil is elected PDF 

How the Seanad is Elected

Information leaflet on how the Seanad is elected

How Members of the European Parliament are Elected (multiple languages)

Information Leaflet on How Ireland’s MEPs are elected in various languages

How the President is Elected

Information leaflet on how Ireland's President is elected 

The Referendum in Ireland

Information leaflet on Referenda in Ireland

Sample Ballot Paper

Sample ballot paper - general election 

Information for People with Disabilities

Information leaflet - Voting - People with Disabilities


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