Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Noisy neighbours, barking dogs, house alarms and noise from commercial premesis

The effect of noise on an individual is very subjective, especially what an individual might perceive to be a noise nuisance.

If an individual considers that a noise nuisance arises and is so severe then they have direct recourse to the district court to take an action under noise nuisance as the person negatively affected by it. Meath County Council would not take on such a case as the issue of noise nuisance is so subjective and what one individual perceives as nuisance another may not. It is not clear cut in such a situation due to that subjectivity.

The procedure for you to take court action is set out clearly in the documentation below and is simplified to allow individuals to have recourse to the courts. Noise nuisance is very subjective. In proving any case you will need to present documentary evidence of the issue arising and as you see them the negative effects this has on you and your family. The judge will then determine if the actions of the other party are reasonable or not and the judge may impose conditions or restrictions on the party concerned.

The documents below provide information on noise and noise nuisance and the local authorities role.

Noise from commercial premises, processes or works

Legislation gives power to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take steps to ensure compliance with the terms of a notice to control noise in relation to any premises, process or works and to recover the cost of such an action. The EPA can require the person or body to take specific measures to prevent or limit noise. Anyone required to take such specific measures by the EPA must do so or face prosecution.

Other Noise Agencies

The EPA website has comprehensive information on Noise issues and how to deal with various noise related problems. See Section on Noise Nuisance in particular if intending to take a noise complaint to the District Court. 

The ENFO website give excellent and comprehensive information on the legislation pertaining to noise and noise nuisance.