Dog Pound and Local Animal Charities

Dog Pound and Local Animal Charities

Meath County Council Dog Shelter is open.

  • Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 2.30pm
  • Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The Council continues to encourage the public to contact the shelter in advance for an appointment to reclaim – rehome – surrender.

In such cases please contact the dog shelter to discuss 087 097 3911

Greenpark Kennels
The Riggins
Co.Meath (17.68 mi)
Dunshaughlin A85 HW56

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Meath County Council Dog Pound,
Greenpark Kennels,
The Riggins,
Co Meath
A85 HW56

Tel: 087 0973911

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Saturday 11am - 1pm
Closed: Sunday

Otherwise by appointment


Rehoming Fee – includes Licence and Microchip - €80

Surrender Fee – dogs over 6 months:
- Directly to Meath Dog Pound – dog has no licence - €50
- Directly to Meath Dog Pound – dog has licence - €30
- Meath County Council Collection Fee - €20 (plus €50 or €30 depending on licence as above)

Surrender of litter of pups under 8 weeks - €50
- Meath County Council Collection Fee - €20 (plus €50 as above)

Surrender of pups over 8 weeks - €20 each
- Meath County Council Collection Fee - €20 (plus €20 each as above)

Seizure and detention of dog at pound – each night over the statutory 5 nights - €10 per night

Reclaim Fee within the statutory 5 day period:
- dog has no licence - €120
- dog has licence - €100

Please Note:

Meath Dog Pound does not have the facility to either collect or deliver dogs. You are advised to contact the pound in the first instance regarding any dog in the pound or any that you wish to surrender to the pound.

Please note that when collecting or surrendering dogs, you will be charged a fee. To see a list of current fees please see above.

Local Animal Charities

Dogs in Distress
Contact Kathy Ph 086 3696413

Last Hope Animal Charity

PO Box 56,
Telephone 085 7172024


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