Detained Horses

Detained Horses

Currently impounded horses and how to reclaim a horse. 

Under the Control of Horses Act 1996 a horse may be seized and impounded if it is:

  • A Stray Horse, or
  • Causing a nuisance, or
  • Not under adequate control, or
  • Posing a danger to persons or property, or
  • Posing a threat to the health and welfare of persons or other animals, or
  • Being kept in a control area, without a horse licence in respect of it entitling the horse to be kept in that area, or
  • Not identifiable or capable of identification as may be required by Section 28, or
  • In or being kept or ridden or driven in an area contrary to any bye laws made under section 47

Notice of Detained Horses

Reclaiming a Horse:

The following is required when your horse has been detained and you wish to reclaim it:

  • The owner must provide a horse passport and all the relevant documentation that is required before the horse will be released.
  • The Council may recover from the owner or the keeper of the horse all fees payable in respect of the horse, including fees for keep, veterinary fees and transportation fees incurred by the Council.