Dangerous Structures

Dangerous Structures

Dangerous Structures are structures such as buildings, trees etc. which pose a danger or potential danger to persons

There are two main legislations regarding Dangerous Structures;

  1. The Roads Act 1993 which covers dangers or potential dangers to road users
  2. The Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act 1964 which is used to tackle dangerous structures away from roads and not posing danger to road users.

Under these Acts:

  • The Local Authority can arrange inspection, and issue instructions to owners requiring them to make a structure safe.
  • The Local Authority can in cases of immediate danger, carry out such repairs without notice to make a property safe.

Report a Dangerous Structure

If you wish to report a Dangerous Structure:

  • Please contact Customer Services on (046) 909 7000 and advise them of the danger, the type of structure, the exact location and proximity to roadside.
  • Customer Service will log this to the Municipal District Engineer for assessment to determine if immediate action it taken, if they deem it is not dangerous, and/or if it requires a full Structural Engineer inspection.
  • If a Structural Engineer inspection is required this will be followed up by relevant section, Transportation Section deals with structures near roads, and Environment Section deals with other structures.
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