Litter Fines

Litter Fines

Leaving or throwing litter in a public place or in any place that is visible from a public place is an offence which can be subject to an on the spot fine of €150 or a fines of up to €4,000 where court convictions are secured. 

A person convicted of a litter offence may also be required to pay the local authority’s costs and expenses in investigating the offence and bringing the prosecution to court, including Solicitor Fees.

The relevant legislation governing litter is the Litter Pollution Act 1997.

What Happens if I Have Received a Litter Fine?

If you have received a litter fine, you have 21 days from date of fine to pay.  If no payment is received; our solicitor will be instructed to commence court proceedings. You will then receive a summons to attend court, and would be advised to consult with a solicitor if a summons is received.

If payment is received within the 21 days the file will be closed, however under S28(3) of the Act the onus is on you to prove that payment has been made within the required timeframe, and it is suggested that you scan and email copy of your receipt to for the attention of the Litter Warden.