Basketstown and Timoole landfills

Basketstown Landfill

The closed landfill is now in the aftercare phase under waste licence (Reg. No. W0010-02) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

To determine compliance with the European Union Groundwater Regulations 2010 the Council are carrying out Groundwater Assessments on the site and with the results and any actions arising to be agreed with the EPA. Such actions may include putting in place a sustainable solution for  leachate treatment on the site and specifically the possibility of using a wetlands treatment facility. A  wetland trial involving the installation of IBCs has been advanced and ongoing monitoring is continuing.

The initial indications are that the results are positive and if a permanent wetland is to be put in place this will remove the necessity to have leachate from the landfill tankared away.

Timoole Landfill