Bring Banks

Bring Banks

Find out where the bring banks are located in Meath

How we handle personal information (CCTV)

Recycling Tips

  • Ensure that all items for recycling are clean!
  • Wash out tins/bottles/tetra-paks/milk/juice cartons
  • Plastic Bags must be clean - no food residues!
  • Remove all timber, plastics and other contaminants from builders' rubble
  • Painted/varnished/treated timber, chipboard, pottery, broken garden fencing, decking are NOT accepted. If you are unsure about a material, please ring ahead to the Recycling Centre to check
  • Old Textiles and clothing can be recycled

If you wish to find out more about recycling and packaging, please visit the was set up as a national resource for packaging information for consumers.