Meath's Gaeltacht Regions

Meath's Gaeltacht Regions

The Meath Gaeltacht consists of two adjacent villages of Rath Cairn and Baile Ghib, which are located close to Navan town, in the centre of County Meath.

Gaeltacht regions of Meath
Gaeltacht regions of Meath

The Meath Gaeltacht is the smallest Gaeltacht area and consists of two adjacent villages of Ráth Chairn and Baile Ghib. Navan, 8km from Baile Ghib, is the main centre within the region with a population of 20,000+.

The Meath Gaeltacht has a population of 1,771 and represents 1.7% of total Gaeltacht population.

The Meath Gaeltacht encompasses a geographical area of 44km2. This represents 1 per cent of total Gaeltacht land area.

The Gaeltacht of Royal Meath has a slightly different history than that of the country’s other Irish speaking regions. The two Gaeltachtaí of Baile Ghib and Ráth Chairn are resettled communities, where the Irish government of the 1930s redistributed the vast estates of absentee landlords as small farm holdings to poor farmers from the Gaeltacht areas of Connemara, Mayo and Kerry.

The aim was to redress a centuries old imbalance, where the Irish farmers were forcibly removed from this land by the English under Oliver Cromwell, with the infamous edict to ‘Hell or Connacht’.

When the Irish farmers returned to the land in Meath, they brought with them their native language and culture, which today is greatly celebrated in the small Gaeltacht of Baile Ghib and Rath Cairn, 70 km from Dublin city.

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An Brádan Feasa is based in the Gaeltacht region of Meath which is where the Irish language is spoken and all the traditional way of life is embraced through dance and music. They regularly hold events, where everyone is guaranteed a traditional Irish welcome.

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