County Meath Heritage Plan

County Meath Heritage Plan

Details of the heritage plan for County Meath

A Heritage Plan for County Meath

Our heritage is all around us. It includes our landscapes, countryside, rivers and lakes, our archaeological sites and buildings, our history, folklore, language and customs. All the elements of our heritage add up to give each town, village and local area its identity and sense of place, its character and distinctiveness. 

Some aspects of our local heritage are regionally, nationally or even internationally important and therefore protected by national or international legislation. In planning for our future, we need to plan for the future management of our heritage. A positive approach to heritage management will enhance quality of life and environmental sustainability and will thus -play a vital role in ensuring that our local areas and communities are good places to live and work. 

The development and implementation of a County Heritage Plan is a key part of this process. The Department of Arts Heritage Gaeltacht and the Islands published the National Heritage Plan in April 2002. The plan sets out a vision for the management of the National Heritage over the next 5 years and beyond. A key element of the process of formulating the National Heritage Plan is the requirement to prepare Local Heritage Plans at County and City level. 

The preparation of a County Heritage Plan provides an opportunity to identify heritage issues and needs at local level and to address those needs locally, within a regional and national framework.

The County Heritage Plan aims to identify priorities for action, establish a framework for the management of heritage at local level and increase awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of our heritage for all.

The plan sets out realistic actions to be achieved over the next 5 years that will:

  • Improve our knowledge and understanding of local heritage
  • Improve access to local heritage information
  • Enhance communication between all stakeholders
  • Raise heritage awareness
  • Put in place best practice
  • Implement key projects

The County Council, specifically the Heritage Officer has a coordinating role in developing and implementing the County Heritage Plan. However, the County Heritage Plan is a cross-sectoral plan incorporating commitments and actions to be implemented by many groups, agencies and organisations involved in the care, protection and management of heritage in the county. The implementation of the plan will only be achieved in partnership with all stakeholders.

The first County Meath Heritage Plan 2007-2011 was extended to 2014. The second County Meath Heritage Plan 2015-2020 was extended to 2022 due to Covid. Both plans are available below.

County Meath Heritage Plan 2015-2020

(Adopted April 2015)

County Meath Heritage Plan 2007-2011

(Adopted February 2008)

Riocht na Midhe

A piece on the County Meath Heritage Plan was published in Riocht na Midhe, the journal of the Meath Archaeological & Historical Society in 2007. (MacGabhann, Seamus (2007) Enhancing a precious legacy: County Meath Heritage Plan. Riocht na Midhe, XV111 . pp. 1-15.) 
This article can be viewed on the NUI Maynooth ePrints and Theses Archive 
Hard copies are also available in the Local Studies of Meath County Library, Railway St. Navan, Co. Meath