Heritage Week

Heritage Week

Heritage Week is co-ordinated by the Heritage Council, in conjunction with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and is part of European Heritage Days, which is celebrated in 40 countries across Europe. 

Heritage Week 2020

National Heritage Week 2020

Due to COVID-19-related restrictions on social gatherings, this year, rather than inviting communities to host Heritage Week events, the Heritage Council is inviting communities around the country to undertake projects that explore a topic associated with this year’s theme – ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’.

The new approach is designed to promote the sharing of experience and knowledge. Projects can comprise researching an aspect of heritage on your doorstep, sharing or re-learning a heritage skill, or exploring an aspect of Ireland’s educational heritage.

The results of projects should be presented in a format that can be shared widely, for example an online talk or exhibition; a video; podcast or oral history recordings; a PowerPoint presentation, newsletter, dedicated website or blog; or via an interview with a local radio station or newspaper. A newly opened – and moderated – social media account could also be included as part of project outputs.

Depending on public health advice, project organisers may select to organise a small event in their community to showcase their project (e.g. an exhibition of photographs or material). However, each project should be able to stand alone without an event, given the risks associated with gatherings and COVID-19.

In addition to developing new research, projects could also revisit or build on a heritage project which may already have been started at an individual, family or community level. This could include showcasing research already done on a monument, a waterway, or a skill or tradition in the community, and finding new ways to grow awareness of it.

All projects that meet the objectives of National Heritage Week in a meaningful way, will be promoted on the National Heritage Week website and considered for the National Heritage Week Awards 2020.

To find out how to register your project, click here.

Heritage Week

National Heritage Week FAQ

This year's National Heritage Week is different, with a focus on creating heritage projects. To help you to stay up-to-date and to answer any questions you may have, we have created this ‘frequently asked questions’ blog, which we will be updating regularly.

What is different about National Heritage Week 2020?

In light of recent public health restrictions, we are taking a new approach to National Heritage Week 2020. This year, instead of events, we’re looking for projects from individuals and groups all around the country that explore the theme of ‘Learning from our Heritage’.

You can find out more about this year’s approach and how to register as a project organiser here.

What are the key dates I need to be aware of?

Project organisers should mark these three dates in their diaries:

  • Tuesday, 16th June 2020: Heritage Week launch. You can now register as a project organiser on the National Heritage Week website, here you can submit project ideas and access useful practical resources to help you to complete your heritage project.
  • Tuesday, 4th August 2020 at 12 noon: Project submission deadline. This is the final deadline to submit your completed heritage project on the National Heritage Week website.
  • 15th – 23rd August: National Heritage Week 2020. Check out all of the submitted heritage projects on www.heritageweek.ie. You can search submissions by location or by theme.

Is there funding available to support the development of heritage projects for National Heritage Week 2020?

As with previous National Heritage Weeks, there are no grants available to support the development of National Heritage Week activities.

I have organised National Heritage Week events in the past, can I organise an event for this year’s National Heritage Week?

This year we are asking the public to submit heritage projects to mark National Heritage Week.

As part of your heritage project, you may wish to organise a small, restricted social gathering which complies with official public health advice.

Can I submit multiple project ideas?

Yes. If you are organising more than one project, you can submit all of them via your project organiser account in the project organiser’s portal. Once you have submitted your first project idea, return to the homepage of the project organisers portal, where you will then have the option to submit additional project ideas. Submit a separate project ideas submission form for each project idea you would like to share with us.

What is #MyHeritageWeek?

We are marking the 15th year of the Heritage Council coordinating National Heritage Week. To celebrate, we are asking you to share your Heritage Week memories online using the hashtag #MyHeritageWeek. Find out more…

Heritage Week 2020 - Heritage and Education will take place from 15-23 August 2020. 

National Heritage Week celebrates all things heritage related. It brings together communities and cultural institutions, academics and enthusiasts, to build awareness about the value of heritage and support its conservation.

Each year, during the third week of August, many national and hundreds of local community organisations participate by organising events throughout the country. Many of the events that take place during the week are free and the programme highlights the abundance of great work that is carried out in all communities in Ireland to preserve and promote our natural, built and cultural heritage.

National Heritage Week is part of European Heritage Days. These are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union in which over forty countries participate each year. The main aim of European Heritage Days are to promote awareness of our built, natural and cultural heritage and to promote Europe’s common cultural heritage. Every year millions of Europeans visit historical monuments and sites throughout Europe on European Heritage Days. In Ireland we celebrate European Heritage Days with a full week of events throughout National Heritage Week.

Coordinated by the Heritage Council, National Heritage Week from the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government in 2005. Since then the week has grown into a highly successful programme of over 2,000 events which take place during the third week of August each year. 

See www.heritageweek.ie for more information and details of events in your area.

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