Trees and Hedgerows

Trees and Hedgerows

Trees, hedgerows, woods and related schemes


Native Trees and Shrubs

It is important to plant trees that are suitable to local environmental site conditions. Where possible always use native species.

Native trees and shrubs:

  • support a wider range of plants and animals than introduced species
  • maintain local character and conservation value
  • are better adapted to and thrive in particularly harsh local conditions
  • are more likely to survive and flourish than most introduced species.
Native Trees and Shrubs

Tree Felling

Forestry in Ireland operates within a legal and regulatory framework. This is necessary in order to protect forests and also to ensure that forestry operations and activities are carried out in compliance with the principles of sustainable forest management. A felling licence granted by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine provides authority under the Forestry Act 2014 to fell or otherwise remove a tree or trees and to thin a forest for silvicultural reasons.

The Department of Agriculture provide a clear understanding of the circumstances where tree removal or felling is permitted on their website.


Hedgerows are an important habitat for many species in County Meath. Please see below for information on the value of hedgerows, and how best to conserve and rejuvenate them

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Conserving Hedgerows (PDF, 1.72 mb)
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The Value of Hedgerows (PDF, 292.85 kb)
New Farm Hedgerows (PDF, 305.23 kb)
Routine Trimming (PDF, 268.69 kb)

Balrath Wood

An example of a Neighbourwood in Co. Meath is Balrath Wood.  The 50 acre woodland, has been developed through funding from the Forest Service NeighbourWood Scheme and Meath County Council as an amenity and educational resource.  In recent years, nature trails, car parking, picnic and interpretation facilities have been developed and the site is currently utilised as an ‘outdoor classroom’. Further information is available at

Balrath Wood Steering Committee at the launch of the management plan

Pictured above are members of the Balrath Wood Steering Committee at the Launch of the Management Plan for Balrath Wood.

Front row:  Cllr Jim Mangan, Cllr Nick Killian, Cllr Tommy Reilly and John McLoughlin (Balrath Wood Steering Committee) 
Middle row: Tom Dowling (County Manager), Elizabeth Coveney (Balrath Wood Steering Committee), Dorothy Hayden (Balrath Wood Steering Committee), Marjan Boers (Balrath Wood Steering Committee) and Richard Donagh (Balrath Wood Steering Committee)
Back row:  Cllr Jim Holloway, Loreto Guinan (Balrath Wood Steering Committee), Conor Devane (Balrath Wood Steering Committee), John Simpson (Balrath Wood Steering Committee), Pascal Marry (Balrath Wood Steering Committee) and John McGovern (Balrath Wood Steering Committee)