Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Meath County Council are making additional funding available to eligible applicants who are seeking to purchase a newly built home but need to additional funding to bridge the gap between their mortgage and deposit to cover the entire cost of the home by way of taking an equity stake or share of the ownership of the property under the Affordable Housing Scheme.

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Affordable Housing application process for Baker Hall, Navan Phase 2 is Now Open 

Meath County Council with the Land Development Agency and Glenveagh are making a total of 50 new affordable homes available for purchase by eligible applicants across 2 Phases at Baker Hall, Navan, Co Meath.

Click the link below to submit an application. You will need a valid phone number and email address to apply. Applicants who have already logged into the portal for previous schemes should use their existing username and password to apply.

The online portal is open for applications for 3 Bedroom Terraced Houses only as all other house types are assigned.

Phase 1 consists of 26 homes and Phase 2 consists of 24 homes. 

Phase 2: 

  • One 2-bedroom mid terrace house,
  • Ten 3-bedroom terraced houses,
  • Eight 3-bedroom semi-detached Type A houses
  • Two 3-bedroom semi-detached Type B houses 
  • Three 4-bedroom semi-detached/end terrace houses 

Minimum prices to be paid by eligible purchasers for houses and the typical gross applicant income limits for eligibility for each type of house:

2 Bedroom Mid Terrace House - ALL HOUSES ASSIGNED
Max. Household Income Limit - €65,194, Current Market Price - €305,000, Min. Purchase Price for Applicants - €240,549*

3 Bedroom Terraced House - 
Max. Household Income Limit - €74,813, Current Market Price - €350,000, Min. Purchase Price for Applicants - €276,040*

3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Type A House - ALL HOUSES ASSIGNED
Max. Household Income Limit - €78,019, Current Market Price - €365,000, Min. Purchase Price for Applicants - €287,870*

3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Type B House - ALL HOUSES ASSIGNED
Max. Household Income Limit - €78,500, Current Market Price - €367,250, Min. Purchase Price for Applicants - €289,644*

4 Bedroom Semi-Detached/End Terrace House - ALL HOUSES ASSIGNED
Max. Household Income Limit - €84,315, Current Market Price - €399,000, Min. Purchase Price for Applicants - €314,685*

*This is affordable price paid by an applicant when the Council equity share has been deducted from the full market price. 

Equity shares are calculated on an individual basis and are linked to applicants’ income, savings (if any) and mortgage capacity.


View a Property

You can register your interest to view a property at Baker Hall, Navan.

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Any queries can be forwarded to  We will do our utmost to deal with all queries as quickly as possible.

Please see below for further information on preparing your application.


Affordable Housing FAQs

If after reading the FAQ's you still have questions please contact our Affordable Housing Team at

Preparation to Apply for Affordable Purchase Scheme
Affordable Housing Online Application - Documentation Required

Documentation you need to apply for an Affordable Housing Scheme - Information about what you need and how to go about applying

Fresh Start Principle (applies in the case of bankruptcy or divorce)

Information on Help to Buy (HTB)

As of the 11th October 2023, the combined value of your mortgage and your affordable dwelling contribution can now be used to calculate your loan-to-value ratio in a Help To Buy application. The loan-to-value ratio must be a minimum of 70% of the full market value.

Meath County Council Scheme of Priority - Affordable Housing
Affordable Purchase Dwelling Arrangements Income Assessment Policy
Data Protection - Affordable Purchase Scheme