Buying Your Council House

Buying Your Council House

If you are an existing tenant, you may be eligible to buy your home from us at a discount, based on your income under the 'Tenant Incremental Purchase Scheme'.

If approved, you must continue to live in the house for as long as you own it. A charge called an ‘incremental purchase charge’ will also be place on your house . This charge will be equal to the discount you get on the price of the house. The charge will remain in place for 20, 25 or 30 years (depending on the discount given).  Each year, the local authority will reduce the charge by 2%. At the end of the agreed period, the charge will be zero as long as you abide by the terms and conditions of the scheme.

You will be able to resell your house at any time if Meath County Council agrees.  However, if you sell before the end of the 20, 25 or 30 years of the incremental purchase charge, you will have to pay back the value of the outstanding charge on your house to Meath County Council.

Who can apply

In order to apply you must:

  • Be a Local Authority housing tenant for at least 10 years
  • Have minimum reckonable income (pdf) of €11,000 per annum - tenants/joint tenants.
  • Have a reckonable  income (pdf) that comes mainly from regular employment and not solely from social welfare
  • Not have purchased a house under a previous tenant purchase scheme
  • Have a satisfactory rent record, and all charges must be up to date
  • No one living in your house can be engaged in anti-social behaviour (this will be checked with the Gardaí)

How to apply

There is a two stage application process for the Scheme with the application fee also being payable in two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is the submission of the completed application form together with supporting financial documentation, along with the Stage 1 application fee of €100.

Application forms are available from the housing department at Meath County Council. When completing the form, make sure to read the document checklist, attach any relevant documents.

Applicants who pass this evaluation phase may proceed to the second stage.

Stage 2

A valuation of the property is carried out by a valuer (nominated by the Council).


Appeals may be made in the case of houses excluded by the Local Authority on the basis of under-utilisation. Appeals may also be made on the Local Authority’s assessment of applicant’s income and tenancy. In all cases appeals will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The appeal process should not be used in cases of changed circumstances after the date of application. In these cases a new application is required.

For further information on the appeals process see the Tenant Purchase Scheme Appeals Procedure document below.

More information

We have listed the specific terms and conditions attached to the sale of a home under the scheme in the Tenant Information Booklet below. Please read these fully.

If you have a question about the terms and conditions or would like to find out more about the scheme please contact us.

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