Housing Transfers

Housing Transfers

If you are a Local Authority/Voluntary/Rental Accommodation Scheme/Long Term Social Leasing tenant and you wish to move to another home you can apply for a transfer.

In order for transfers to be considered, in accordance with Meath County Council’s Housing Allocations Scheme below, there must be a material change in the household’s housing need which can be demonstrated.

This change in need should not have been a factor in the first allocation of housing support to justify a transfer.

Transfers will not be considered within two years of an allocation of housing support.

Under What Circumstance will a Transfer be Considered?

Council tenants including applicants for transfer from the Rental Accommodation Scheme, Voluntary Housing Bodies or Social Leasing will be considered for a transfer to other Council dwellings under the following circumstances.

  1. Overcrowding
  2. Where elderly and other small households wish to surrender family type accommodation and move to smaller accommodation.
  3. Medical/compassionate reasons
  4. Exceptional circumstances

As well as the above, tenants seeking a transfer must fulfill the following requirements to the satisfaction of the housing authority: -

  • Hold tenancy in their present dwelling for a period of at least two years.
  • Have a clear rent account for at least six months.
  • Have all service and other charges paid up to date and confirmation of same submitted with application. i.e. receipts for water, power supply, fuel(gas/oil).
  • Have kept their dwelling in satisfactory condition
  • Have complied with all conditions of their Letting Agreement, and
  • Have no record of anti-social behaviour.
Transfer Application Form