Rental Accommodation Scheme - Information for Landlords

Rental Accommodation Scheme - Information for Landlords

Under the Rental Accommodation Scheme Meath County Council negotiates contracts with landlords for the use of their properties for up to a maximum five year term. 

In return Landlords will not have to collect rent and will be guaranteed payment for the duration of the contract.

How to Apply

You can register your interest as a Landlord in the Rental Accommodation Scheme by completing the landlord questionnaire available at the bottom of this page and returning it to:

Housing Department
County Hall
Co Meath

Benefits for Landlords

  • Direct and guaranteed payment – you will be paid directly from the local authority, generally on a monthly basis. This payment is guaranteed.
  • Low administration – you don’t need to make time to collect rent or make repeated requests for payment from the tenant.
  • Easy banking – all payments are made electronically.

Requirements to Participate

  • Landlords must be tax compliant (tax clearance certificates must be renewed annually and contracts will be produced in the name that appears on the cert)
  • The property must meet minimum standards for private rental accommodation, as determined by Meath County Council
  • The landlord must register the tenancy with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)

What Contractual Arrangements Will Exist Between the Landlord/Agent and the Local Authority?

There are two standard template contracts for RAS used by Meath County Council.

(A) Availability type arrangements. In Meath this is a 5 year agreement between landlords and Meath County Council.  Generally this agreement is only entered into in areas where there is a high demand for RAS property and where the property is of a very high standard. If a tenant leaves during the 5 year period Meath County Council will make every effort to source a new tenant for the remainder of the term of the contract.

(B) Tenancy by Tenancy arrangements.  This is the more widely used contract in Meath. It is used where the landlord is happy with the existing tenant and where the landlords wants control over who will reside in the property.  When the tenant leaves the contract ends. 

Landlords Remain Responsible For:

  • Insurance: property, landlord's contents and public liability
  • Routine maintenance / repair and replacement of equipment; and
  • Dealing with breaches of the tenant's obligations to the landlord should they arise

The main "landlord and tenant" relationship remains between the property owner and the RAS tenant.  The local authority acts as agent on behalf of the tenant.

How Will Rent Levels be Determined?

Rent levels will reflect local market conditions but must show an 8% reduction on current market rents applicable at time of contract signing.

Deposits and Damage to Property

No deposits will be paid under the RAS as a contractual arrangement will exist between the landlord and the local authority. However, where damage is caused to property, which is above routine wear and tear, the housing authority may be willing to guarantee the equivalent of up to one month’s rent towards the cost of repair/replacement. This condition will not apply where the Landlord is already holding a deposit in respect of the tenant.