Resettlement Programme

Resettlement Programme

Meath County Council is currently participating in Ireland’s Resettlement Programme, which is being co-ordinated by the Office of Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP), Department of Justice & Equality.

The Resettlement Programme is designed to offer protection to persons who have fled their country of origin, and sought protection in another country.

The Department of Justice & Equality has responsibility for making arrangements for the transfer of resettled refugees to Ireland, identifies and prepares receiving communities, and coordinates arrangements for the long term integration of the resettled refugees. Local Authorities have been asked to fulfil a  coordination role at local level, including the provision of housing supports and the facilitation of local Interagency Working Groups. The role of the Working Group is to ensure that the required services are available at a local level when refugees are resettled within a county.

Meath County Council is one of a number of Local Authorities assisting with the programme during the period 2018-2019.

In order to ensure the successful resettlement of families into local communities, Resettlement Support Services, which are funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration & Integration Fund via the Department of Justice & Equality, are provided to assist with their resettlement and in meeting their needs for the first year.

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