Historical Maps

Historical Maps

Ordnance survey and other historical maps

Ordnance Survey Maps

Maps including the first Ordnance Survey 1827-1842  are available to view digitally at http://maps.osi.ie/publicviewer/#V2,578432,756724,0,10

Hard copies

Some hard copies are also available from the Local Studies Collection at Library Headquarters in Navan for research purposes.

Contact Navan library to arrange a viewing.

The L Brown Collection

The L Brown Collection is an extensive archive of digital historic maps taking in Ireland and the rest of the world.

The website https://www.lbrowncollection.com/ provides easy access to Irish, British and worldwide maps and atlases. Browse the high quality images with pan and zoom facilities.

IRISH MAPS on the website are wide ranging and include

  • All Barony & Parish Maps from the Down Survey 1655
  • Bog Maps in colour, Bog Commissioners of Ireland 1812
  • Maps of Counties by Petty (1655), Petty (1683), Moll (1728), Grierson (1732), Scale (1776), Lewis (1837), Richards (1906)
  • Admiralty Charts c1850 and charts by Murdock McKenzie 1790
  • Historic Town Plans

etc, etc

Visit https://www.lbrowncollection.com/ and browse the maps