Online Newspapers

Online Newspapers

Access online newspapers with PressReader and the Irish Newspaper Archive

INM, Independent News and Media, has made a decision not to make its titles available via the Pressreader platform with effect from April 14th, 2021.  This is a matter between INM and the suppliers of the Pressreader platform and beyond our control.


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PressReader delivers an endless stream of top news stories to read, discuss and share. Get full issues of thousands of top newspapers before they appear in print. 

  • Listen - The audio feature lets you listen to articles while you're on the go.
  • Share - Social sharing is easy with PressReader.
  • Stay Current - Titles hit PressReader as soon as they're published, so you always have access to the freshest content.
  • Full Content - Full replica versions with every detail you'd see in print.
  • Local and International - Choose from thousands of publications, from local content to major international titles.
  • Go Mobile - Read and download on the devices of your choice. 

PressReader has publications in different languages from lots of countries worldwide.You can read newspapers AND magazines in English and lots of other languages. And there is also a  translation option for lots of articles.

Signing In to PressReader

Visit the PressReader website or use the PressReader App which you can download from the App Store or on Google Play for free.

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You can join the library online and get eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines and newspapers for free straight away, or even take language and other courses. Here's how! 

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  • To join the library online, fill out this form with your name, address, email and some other details. 
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  • Once you've set your PIN and you have your library number, you're all ready to access all the online services.  
Pressreader Step by Step App User Guide
Pressreader Step by Step Website User Guide

Irish Newspaper Archive

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Irish Newspaper Archive is the largest digital archive of Irish Newspapers in the world, with over 40 titles from all over the country. This gives you access to millions of newspaper articles spanning over 300 years of Irish history.

You can access this archive in all of our branches on our Public Internet PCs 

Click this link to access the archive in our libraries.

Some publications of interest included in the archive are:

  • Meath Chronicle (1897-current)
  • The Freemans Journal (03/01/1763 - 19/12/1924)
  • Irish Press (05/09/1931 - 25/05/1995)

For a full list of publications visit The Irish Newspaper Archive

For more information on other newspaper resources of local interest please visit the Local Studies section