World Language eBooks for Children

World Language eBooks for Children

An online database of 1850+ digital books in 50+ languages, that allows kids to enjoy the magic of books in LOTE (Languages Other Than English). 

LOTE Online for Kids is our new online database of digital books in World Languages, that allows kids to enjoy the magic of books in LOTE (Languages Other Than English). Each book is provided with an English translation to help develop multilingual reading and listening skills. Kids can also watch a selection of English-only books with Australian, US and UK accents.

LOTE Online for Kids has 1850+ digital picture books in 50+ languages, with new books and languages released each month to help libraries to provide a more diverse and inclusive library service for their communities.

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All you need to get started is

  • your library card number (from the back of your library card),

Then visit the library’s LOTE Online for Kids site, enter your library card number and click on the Submit button. You can then browse the collection of books that are available.

Click on the flag to select the language of the book that you would like to read and then a list of available stories in that language will appear. Select from either the chosen language or the English option to play the story. 

Also available in the Activities section is a number of online and downloadable games and activities for children including word searches, colouring pages, spot the difference and book memory games. 

You have 24/7 access to the collection so you can use it whenever you want.


If you have a problem signing in to LOTE Online for Kids, the n it may be an issue with your library card number or your library account may have expired. You should contact your library who can renew your library account for you.