Science Experiments

Science Experiments

Mark from Dunboyne Library shows you how to do great science experiments with every day household items. Watch the videos below.


If you like science you should also watch out for our twice weekly Online Science Events as part of our Summer Stars Reading Adventure

Science Magic with Michael Moylan

Anyone for Science

Statitic Electricity

Get ready for some hair-raising fun with this week's experiment.

Food Science

How to make candy and plastic milk!


Sound and Music Experiments

Make a Harmonica and a Speaker for your Smartphone.

You will need

The Inner cardboard tube from kitchen roll, 2 plastic or paper disposable cups, some rubber (elastic) bands, lollipop sticks, paper and sellotape. (And some earphones for your parents!!)  Have fun.


Making Rain in a Jar 

You will need 

Hot water, some ice, a plate and a jam jar (or clear plastic container)

Making Frost and Dew

You will need:

2 empty tin cans, ice, water and salt. 

Surface Tension

You will need water, some black pepper and some liquid soap or washing up liquid

Ice Reaction with Salt

You will need water, a glass or plastic container, some salt and a piece of thread.

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