Science Week eLibrary

Science Week eLibrary

We've put together a list of science related eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines that you can download for free from our Digital Library.

If you haven't used our Digital Library before you can find out how to start borrowing on our eBooks and Digital Magazine pages. Read on here to explore our science titles for young and old. From hands on experiments to science fiction there's a lot to choose from.



Science Illustrated

Science Illustrated

Science Illustrated 

Science Illustrated delivers natural science, break through discoveries and an understanding of the world for the entire family. Packed with stunning photography and in-depth editorial it’s a visually spectacular gateway to the world looking into the beginning of life to distant objects in the universe.

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Genre: Science & Nature country: Australia language: English no. of issues: BiMonthly



Astronomy for Kids

Get 200+ astronomy facts, activities, & fun for kids exclusively from Astronomy magazine.This 100 page special issue includes engaging and fun articles, hands-on STEM activities, and even a 12-page comic by Michael Bakich, Astronomy Senior Editor and longtime planetarium educator.


      Astronomy                        Smithsonian             Popular Science           All About Space             BBC Wildlife                   New Scientist

Astronomy Magazine  Smithsonian magazine  Popular Science magazine  All About Space  BBC Wildlife   New Scientist





Discover eMagazine  New Scientist International eMagazine  How it Works eMagazine  BBC Wildlife Bumper Book of Answers   How it Works Did you Know   Big Book of Why eMagazine

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eBooks and eAudiobooks for Children

There's a great range of factual ebooks about science and scientists on BorrowBox.  Browse them here.

101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science   Football School Season 4   Human Body Questions and Answers    How we Got to Now  Fatal Forces


If you prefer to listen then the titles below will be right up your street but you can browse for more on BorrowBox.


   Astrophysics for young people in a hurry     It's Your World   While You Were Sleeping   What is Climate Change   True UFO Stories


Science: The Fiction

If reading about the facts is not your bag then there's lots of really good science fiction for kids these days. And some of it's even combined with real science facts delivered in clever fun ways.  Read or listen to the titles below for some wacky, stimulating and thought provoking tales.  


The Last Human        Tom Swift Inventors Academy       Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters      Siesmic Seven      Monstrous Devices                  

Browse more eBook Science Fiction for children on BorrowBox.


Try these audiobooks or .......

Cosmic      Frank Einstein      Outer Space Ladybird      My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich    Not so Normal Norbert

..... browse more Science Fiction eAudio for Kids on BorrowBox.

Science and Technology eBooks for Adults

Human COmpatible     Kingdom of Lies ebook       The First of Everything     Genuine Fakes     Psychedelic Apes


Browse ALL adult non-fiction Science and Technology ebooks on BorrowBox.

Browse Science and Technology ebooks AVAILABLE to borrow NOW on BorrowBox.


Science and Technology eAudiobooks for Adults

Humanology     Rebooting AI    Carrying the Fire Michael Collins    Science of Storytelling   Oliver Sacks Tungsten


Browse ALL Science and Technology eAudiobooks on BorrowBox

Browse AVAILABLE Science and Technology eAudiobooks on BorrowBox


Science Fiction for Adults



Foundation's Edge by Asimov ebook cover      Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut ebook cover        Future Feeling Joss Lake eBook cover      The Martian by Andy Weir ebook cover     Shards of EArth ebook cover Tchaikovsky


Browse all Science Fiction eBooks on BorrowBox

Browse Science Fiction ebooks available now 




Humanology     Carrying the Fire Michael Collins    Tungsten Oliver Sacks     Science of Storytelling   Rebooting AI


Browse all Science Fiction eAudiobooks on BorrowBox

Browse Science Fiction eAudiobooks available now

eLearning Courses

Try out one of these quick courses on Universal Class.  Access is free with your library card.  Just click on the image below to get more information on the content of each course.

Science Courses on Universal Class