Sensory Time at Navan Library

Sensory Time at Navan Library

Navan Library has a designated sensory space available every Saturday afternoon between 2.00 and 5.00 pm.  This space is available for neurodiverse people to avail of while visiting the library.

This is an initiative of Neurodiversity Navan and Navan Library.

Sensory Hour at Navan Library

The Sensory Space is in the meeting room at the front of the library to the left of the main entrance.  Please see the videos below which show the room and also the main library.

The Sensory space will be equipped with the following:

  1. Beanbags
  2. Colour changing light cylinder 
  3. Vibrating Massage Tube
  4. Pop up blackout sensory den
  5. Vibrating Massage Tube
  6. Senseez Sensory Pillow (Orange)
  7. Muffy Black/White striped headphones
  8. Mud Ball – set of 3
  9. Green Two Bulb Tracker
  10. Squidgy Sparkle Fidgets (set of 5)

Our Magic Table will be turned and project images on to the floor of the room. Find out more about our Magic Table  

Lights in the main library will be turned off.

Please note that children under 18 who wish to use this space must be accompanied by an adult.

Navan Library Social Story

Neurodiversity NavanNeurodiversity Navan is a community group, comprised of parents of neurodivergent children.  They are working to help our community make the small changes that are needed to create a truly inclusive environment in Navan. You can follow them on Instagram @neurodiversitynavan or contact them at