My Little Library Bag

My Little Library Bag

Bags of stories and fun for every child starting school in September 2023.

Little Library Book Bag 2023


Building on the success of this initiative that was initially introduced in 2022, the Minister for Children has relaunched the Little Library Book Book to help children starting school navigate this new experience. 

The stories in the bag are about starting school, being happy in yourself and making friends. And they're waiting to be collected at your local library.

A special little library card wallet is also included with every bag and we hope that your little one will make use of it. To help them join parents will be asked to sign a consent form and to show a valid ID. Parents might also take the opportunity to renew or register their own library memberships and join their children in what we hope will become a lifelong love of books and reading.

My Little Library Book Bag Parent Invite English
My Little Library Book Bag Parent Invite Irish