STEAM Backpack: Maths

STEAM Backpack: Maths

Learn about maths through play and everyday activities.

STEAM Backpack Maths

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Backpack Contents


  1. Monster Maths -Shapes
  2. Monster Maths-Patterns
  3. Lift-the-flaps Shapes


  1. Lacing beads with activity cards

Assorted beads and laces in each pack

  1. Magnetics Geoforme

Contents: wooden carry case, 42 wooden magnetic pieces and 24 design cards.

  1. Wooden abacus



An chéad 100 uimhir

Snap le huimhreacha

Contents: There are 2 pairs for each number from 1 to 10. Each card contains a number, its name in Irish and pictures of animals to assist counting.

Additional Resources

Shapes and patterns can be found all around us – from flowers to footballs and seashells to staircases. In this activity, simple lines drawn on bottle tops or jam jar lids provide a fun way into the wonderful world of geometry.


It’s never too early to explore numbers with your child. Real life often provides the best opportunities to develop early maths skills like counting and recognising numbers. These ideas will help your child to explore numbers, giving them a great start to developing early maths skills and concepts.


Usborne Quicklinks-Maths for young children


Lift the Flap Shapes Book Cover
Lift the Flap Shapes Book Cover
Jumbo Lacing Beads
Jumbo Lacing Beads
Uimhreacha Book Cover
Uimhreacha Book Cover