STEAM Backpack: Water

STEAM Backpack: Water

Splish splash! Learn all about water and the ocean with lots of hands-on experiments for the bath, the beach or even a water table.

STEAM Backpack Water

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Backpack Contents


  1. The great big water cycle adventure by Kay Barnham, ill. By Maddie Frost
  2. Flip flap ocean by Axel Scheffler
  3. The simple science of water by Emily James


  1. Sink or float activity set

Contents: two-piece submarine, floating raft, weights, balls, stars and 10 activity cards 

  1. Splashology

Contents: 19 pieces as follows:

  Splashology Contents








Leabhar: An tEolaí Óg-Spraoi le huisce

Additional Resources

Dancing raisins-Science Foundation Ireland


Marine Creatures video with Sea Synergy


Usborne Quicklinks-Find out who lives in the sea, learn about boats and ships and check out the fun things to make and do.


Activity sheets: Colour in a friendly octopus