Vehicle Export

Vehicle Export

Export Notification / Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) Export Refund

Export Notification

You must inform the Department of Transport that the vehicle is being permanently exported to a given export destination (country).

Where the ownership of the vehicle is being changed to a person outside the jurisdiction of the State, you must send the Department of Transport a copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) with the buyers name and address details also included.

You must give the original VRC to the buyer of the vehicle either in Ireland or abroad. The Department of Transport will help the authorities in the exporting destination with any queries they may have. The vehicle will only be recorded as exported on the computer record once the Department of Transport have received confirmation from the country of export that the vehicle is registered in that country.

Department of Transport Contact Details:

Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division
Department of Transport 
County Clare

Phone: 0818 411 412 or 353 61 365005 (outside Ireland)

Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) Export Refund

You will need to contact the Revenue Commissioners to find out if you can get a VRT refund. You can get further details by clicking here.