Protected Structures

Protected Structures

Details of protected structures in the County, how to apply to add a structure to the list, information for owners/occupiers and Section 57 declaration requests (form)

A protected structure is a structure or part of a structure that a planning authority considers to be of special interest from an architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical point of view.

Details of protected structures are entered by the authority in its Record of Protected Structures list (see below), which is part of the County Development Plan. The Towns Protected Structures are listed below and the location of each structure is mapped on the Conservation Map of each Town Development Plan of NavanTrim and Kells.

Record of Protected Structures in Meath

Note: To request a Record of Protected Structures Map (Listed Building map). Open the grid map document below, zoom into the area you require and note the sheet number. Then email a request for a 'RPS map sheet No. XX' to


How to Apply to have a Structure Added to the List

To apply to have a structure added to the Protected Structure List download and complete the form below and return to:

Planning Department
Buvinda House
Dublin Road
Co Meath

Information for Owners/ Occupiers of Protected Structures

Owners or occupiers of protected structures have a duty of care to ensure that their building is not neglected or damaged.

In addition, all works that affect the character of a protected structure require planning permission. You can obtain a list of the works on your structure that do and do not require planning. 

Should you need to carry out works you may find that you qualify for a conservation related grant.

Below is a guide to architectural heritage preservation for owner/occupiers

A Guide to Architectural Heritage Protection
Irish language file
Struchtúir Chosanta (PDF, 562.71 kb)

Section 57 Declaration Requests

The Planning & Development Acts 2000 - 2021 provides that any works which would affect the character of a protected structure, or a proposed protected structure will require planning permission, even where those works would normally be exempt under Section 4 (1)(h) of the 2000 - 2021 Acts.

As an owner or occupier of a protected structure you are entitled under the above act to request the Council to issue a declaration as to the type of works which may or may not be permitted in your structure. In order to issue this declaration you should fill out the form below and return to the planning department:

Request for Section 57 Declaration Form