Shopfront and Signage Guidelines

Shopfront and Signage Guidelines

The Council wishes to promote good quality design in the towns and villages of Meath. It is important to ensure that a good standard of shopfront design is achieved either through conservation of traditional shopfronts or through good contemporary design.

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Purpose of Guidelines

The purpose of the guidance document below is to provide assistance to owners, designers, and planners in identifying and implementing the principles of good shopfront design.

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Importance of Shopfronts

The shopfront forms an important part of a street’s character, as it constitutes a highly visible part of the building at street level. Shopfronts which are well designed and well maintained make for a more attractive street for the shopper and passer-by. Poor quality shopfronts, on the other hand, damage the public perception of a street.

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Importance of Signage

External signage is important for commercial activity. Good signage is discreet, complements the architecture of its background and can enhance the appearance of the shop and streetscape. The common theme in successful contemporary detailing is a restraint in signage size and type. The choice of lettering can evoke an image and provide decorative interest.